el shagara ramadan lounge 2010

commissioned by Emaar, Nihal Zaki in collaboration with byGanz events designed and executed the infamous el shagara lounge on the banks of the Nile in Ramadan 2010.
“My aim was to create an Oriental lounge without resorting to the usual Ramadan clichés, so no tents or fawaneess for me! (traditional Ramadan lanterns)”.
The design was a mix of elegant oriental meets French fusion and the Mashrabeyas came with hanging Louis XVI crystal chandeliers. The chandeliers were designed and tailored especially for el shagara, a white theme was chosen to modernise the Oriental concept and move away from traditional Ramadan colours.”The trademark installation of the place was the ‘Cool Shagara’, covered with specifically tailored ornaments in contemporary triangle shapes.
To add that extra Zaki pizzazz , a special Mashrabeya with curtains ‘The Umbrella’ welcomed the guests with el shagara’s famous on-site palm reader. The Umbrella automatically became the focal point of the venue.